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NET Health’s Center for Healthy Living is an accredited site for diabetes self-management education and support and is a participating provider in the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program. Staffed by a group of Certified Health Educators and Community Health Workers with class oversight from a Licensed Certified Diabetes Educator nurse, our classes are free and open to the public.

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In 2013, the Center for Health Living (Center) was established through a partnership between the city of Tyler, TX and Northeast Texas Public Health District (NET Health) to provide chronic disease prevention services to the East Texas area. The Center is unique as it is the only local community health center in the area and the first of its kind staffed by four Certified Community Health Workers (CHWs) and two Certified Health Education Specialist. Together they provide free chronic disease prevention education and resources to the community.

Chronic Disease Programs

Programs offered at the Center include diabetes prevention, education, and support classes; free blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol screenings; free self-measure blood pressure program; and assistance with finding an affordable primary care provider and community resources.

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What We Do

The Center is a free resource for anyone who wants to prevent diabetes, lose weight, control their blood sugars, and improve their blood pressure.
  • Managing Diabetes

    Managing Diabetes

    Our classes use a licensed curriculum that provides diabetes education in an easy-to-understand format. The curriculum covers topics such as diabetes risk factors, complications, nutrition, physical activity, use of the glucose meter and medications, problem-solving strategies, and how to access community diabetes resources.
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  • Preventing Diabetes

    Preventing Diabetes

    We focus on small actions that provide big results, such as accountability for food intake, drinking more water, getting more physical activity, stress management, and weight loss.
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  • High Blood Pressure

    High Blood Pressure

    We provide free blood pressure screenings, education on ways to improve high blood pressure, and a free home blood pressure program.
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Provider Referral

Studies demonstrate that Diabetes Education Programs are essential for a patient’s long-term success in diabetes self-management. NET Health’s outpatient diabetes education program is recognized by the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ACDES) and utilizes the evidence-based Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) curriculum. Our 6-week diabetes self-management classes are available in English and Spanish and are taught by a Registered Nurse certified in diabetes education and a Certified Community Health Worker. Our classes are free and open to anyone who is newly diagnosed, those experiencing uncontrolled glucose levels, and those who are at risk of developing diabetes.

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